Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Best Week Ever

I wish I could say that Tuesday and Wednesday have been any better, but it appears that this is not my week. Tuesday morning began when I drove away with out my purse or my brief case. Luckily I had my cell phone to call and say I would be late (you know in case they thought I may have taken off for Mexico). I then proceeded to spill an entire cup of chocolate milk all over my car. Did I mention I have no kids or pets to blame this on? I was a good 30 minutes late to work but at least I had a new cup of milk (which was of course my concern). My day ended by being yelled at by a client for 30 minutes who then left smiling saying he got everything he wanted. Fantastic.

The highlight of today was when I was told I had a spider on my pants. I jumped up, yelled and beat my pants. I then sat back down and went right back to talking about good ways to be mad. I think I might have said, "I'm sorry but spiders really scare me." The person (who looked a little freaked) said in a quiet voice, "It was just a baby spider." That of course makes no difference to me.

So far this week I have also forgotten to brush my teeth before going to work (luckily I have a spare tooth brush in my office), and of course I forgot to brush my hair. No not only am I jumping around beating my pant legs like I am the village idiot, but I also have frizzy hair and gross teeth as well. Sweet. Very excited to get to Friday.

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