Monday, April 23, 2007

Waking Up On Monday Always Gets Me Down

I don't understand why every Sunday night my body acts like I'm two and fights sleep. I laid in bed for hours last night trying to fall asleep, and then once I did I woke up every hour. I walked into work today looking like someone punched both my eyes. Mondays suck it hard. It's become my pretend-to-care day. Next year I want a job that has Mondays off. I also want a job that pays me slightly more than I am child labor worker in a third world country, so we'll see.

In other news, my weekend was pretty laid back. I read a lot and watched The Prestige. This was a fun movie to watch because I always had a secret desire to be a magician. I knew this dream would never be realized because I do not have nimble fingers, I am a klutz, and I can't keep a secret to save my life. For these very same reasons I could also never be a cat burglar (which I also really wanted to do). My goal was to steal from the mean rich people and open a homeless shelter or a Montessori school for families who couldn't afford to pay. And of course be known as the coolest cat burglar ever.

Last but not least, my g-ma's party was a smash as far as family parties go. No one left mad, or depressed, or crying (except for the colicky baby), and my g-ma seemed to have a nice time. My brother and his brood showed up and he was pretty OK for most of it. Low Rider and Speed Racer are getting big, they just celebrated their 2 month b-day. It was to fun to interact with them. Well at least to interact with the non-crying baby (I am not sure who wasn't crying though, I still can't tell them apart).

The funny part of the night came when my uncle brought in the cake. You know how people can now have cakes with photo frosting on it? Well my uncle don't pay no mind to that new fangaled stuff,and just put real pictures on the cake. I never did find out who ended up with a picture (I got a frosting rose which was all I cared about).

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