Saturday, January 13, 2007

Things to Know Before You Go To a Hockey Game

Dear Me,

Here are important things to know, like it's not really that cold, so you don't have to wear sweats and silk long underwear. Bring your own water (unless you want to pay 7.00 for two 20 ounce bottles). This probably isn't your sport, as you don't like violence or dancing in my seat for the chance to make the fan shots. Watching people get smashed against the glass or get smashed on expensive cups of cheap beer is not your thing. Especially when you are drinking water, and you directly behind a 6 year old who screams obscenities at the other team. All night long. Lastly, fear of flying pucks hitting your teeth (I have slow reaction times) will occupy your mind all night, causing you to flinch uncontrollably every time the puck is airborne.

So far my 3 day weekend is going well. I spent last night with my dad and his friends again. All the quarters from the game once again went to me (they all remembered the agony of paying for laundry). It was also my second night at resisting temptation (namely chocolate cake, chocolate pie, and icecream). Tonight I am having dinner at my mom's and I asked them to have chicken salad, so hopefully it will not be a fried chicken and fried vegetable salad (my g-ma's been known to make those). I slept in today till noon today. Fabulous indeed. And today I am watching season one of Arrested Development. I heart this show. Later I will clean my second bedroom out. I am still convincing myself it will be fun.

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