Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still Sick...

Haven't felt like posting this week. I have made my second trip to urgent care in 3 weeks. On Tuesday it felt like my lungs were burning and I missed a meeting at work to go to urgent care. This time the diagnosis was bronchitis, but my blood pressure was high, so they wanted to do an ekg. That was fun. I kept imagining the doctor coming in to tell me that the ambulance was ready to take me to the hospital. When the doctor came back in to tell me I could go back to work, and I had to ask him how it went. He was like "oh your heart is fine." But since this was the second reading of high blood pressure I am now on meds. High blood pressure runs in my family, but I am seriously hoping that when I eventually lose all the extra weight I am carrying I can get off of them. My boss said I could take the day off today and that was nice. I went to my general doctor, and talked about different medicine options. I also tried to go to a "woman doctor" as my dad calls them, but found out my insurance doesn't cover annual exams (only sickness and injury). Swell. A perk of feeling crappy is that I am only a couple of pounds away from making my first weight goal. Yeah. Today was the first day I really wanted to eat anything. Thanks be this is a three day weekend. I want to have a couple of days of feeling good under my belt before I start back at work.


Wink said...

Benefits of being sick:
1. Losing weight
2. Missing work
3. Catching up on Tivo
4. Time to blog
5. Countless trips to Urgent Care = good stuff to blog about
6. Sympathy from readers :)

Feel better!

Lorelai said...

All true. Thankfully today I felt a lot better. The weight loss has been my favorite part. Waiting in doctors offices sucked, but I got to read magazines I would never buy. I also got free medicine samples so that's a bonus.