Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Every Party Should Be A Teeth Optional Party

I can't believe it's 2007 already. I have been trying to think of some great thing to say about the new year, but after spending a week in bed, and still desperately clutching my Kleenex box (for fear that I will laugh out a loogie on a client), I got nothing. 2006 was good. I finished my dissertation and got an internship, so my goals were met. I also lost weight (slower than molasses falling in January, but I lost). Being sick with a double infection really made all the holiday weight drop which was cool. I am apprehensive of making a specific goal or a resolution for the New Year, because I am notorious for breaking resolutions. So I guess my goal is to keep on keeping on (which I personally think is a sweet goal).

Thankfully I was feeling well enough to go out New Year's Eve. And I went to a party my dad was invited too. That might seem dorky to some but it was hilarious (and since I couldn't drink anyway why not hang out with a bunch of farmers). I played cards sitting next to the biggest smack talker ever. He looked to be 65 or 70, and he basically insulted everyone at the table (he also totally cheated the whole night by looking at my cards, but I let that go). Next to him was a man who was 83 and because we were in his house decided not to wear his teeth that night (good house rule). He was a sweetheart and made conversation with me by telling me about every one of my family members he has seen while farming. He went all the way back to my great grandfather (whom he called Mr. Smith). When I told him one of my uncles got out of farming and works at a ski summit his eyes got all squinty. It was a great party, and not just because I won all the prizes at the card table (in the game we played you won prizes for losing and I won them all!) My dad ended up winning all the money (quarters) and gave them to me, so I basically kicked ass. It was funny because it ended up being my dad against a 7 year old (everyone else losing all their money), and then my dad won. I thought for sure he would give the girl all the money but he gave it to me. I decided she needed to learn a lesson (gambling is wrong) and well, I needed laundry money. Quarters are gold.

One last question. I was talking to Supermommy tonight and we were thinking it would be fun if she guest posted. Does anyone know how she can guest post?

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