Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Place Don't Fail Me Now

Well it took about 10 minutes to get over my anger. After signing off I began reading my mail and I noticed I got two catalogs, so I was excited. The catalogs I usually get are Pottery Barn and The Land of Nod. This was no PB or LON. This was also not a catalog for me as I have since learned. It looked like a work out magazine, and I was excited (thinking I might have signed up for something). Then I read it, and found the list of sexual toys and various other sex aides, and realized this magazine was for my NEIGHBOR!!! My, works for PBS, dresses like my grandma (and she is a grandma), lives with her adult (creepy) son, Neighbor. And now I have to give her the catalog, and try not to laugh (or blush) as I do it. Now when ever she gets a package, I'll wonder what aide she ordered. EWWWWWWW!!!! This wouldn't creep me out so much if I didn't see her as a mom (and grandma). Shuddering. I know it is juvenile, but I just don't want to picture grandma's having healthy sex lives. They should be playing piano and making pies (which is how I used to picture her life). Wish me luck I am going over. (taking catalog over...) Well her (creepy) son answered the door and then proceeded to LOOK through the catalog. Luckily he didn't see the Karma Sutra pages. Laughter averted.

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