Friday, January 19, 2007

Evaluate This!

So today I had a presentation at my job. First off I suck at public speaking. My voice gets cracky (like Peter Brady going through puberty), I get really cold (I mean my hands feel frozen), and I can't talk (as in say my own name). In other words it is a lovely time for everyone concerned. It went about as well as I expected. I couldn't feel my hands, my mouth got really dry, and I stuttered. To top it off I was presenting child therapy to people who don't really believe in this type of therapy. So from the very title of my power point I took shit from people. As in: "Is that really a disorder? Where is it listed in the DSM? Can you tell me?" That was a direct comment by a really nice (snorting) student. They were a tough crowd to say the least. To top it off, these people who don't do my type of work, then get to evaluate how well I know my client, my theory, and my research on everything. I knew better than to read the evals, I really did. But then I read them. Most were really positive, but there then I read the one that stuck with me all day. This comment made me so mad, because this person was not paying one bit of attention to anything, and then marked me low on something I never even said. Deep breath. Sigh. It's funny how I can read a lot of positive things, and the one negative (albeit ignorant) one is what I think about all day. It would also help if I didn't already have a history with this person. That's what I get for thinking that things were finally settling down. Well I only have 6 months and 11 days of my program left, so maybe the best thing to do is just suck it up. After, of course, I emailed the admin. assistant and lodged my complaint of the low score. Student first people. Student first. Thanks be this is the only presentation I will have to do for these people.

So after my really fun morning I went shopping. I heart retail therapy. I am now the proud owner of 3 new books, and I bought a present for a friend. I even mailed out right away too. I think I will go read now.

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