Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Book of the Week....

I was thinking. I like to read. And I like to blog. Why not bring the two together (picture me folding my hands together). I think I will try to highlight one of the books I read a week.

So far I have started the new Virginia Kantra book and I like it. A lot. It is a murder mystery set in the south and I have brought this book to work with me, so that if I have a free moment I can keep reading. I like the character development. If you like murder mysteries with a romance slant, check it out. Okay now I feel like I am on Reading Rainbow. Which was a childhood dream of mine. I always pictured Lavar Burton finding me in the library and asking me to talk about all the books I like. That would have rocked. Sigh. Anyway, happy reading.

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