Monday, October 02, 2006

Me love you long time...

First off I want to say thanks to Holly from Hollyrhea for my super cool flax pack. I get migraines and sinus headaches, and this is my new best friend.

Isn't it lovely?!? If you want your own sweet smelling flax-pack head over to her site and check them out.

Secondly I have to admit a guilty pleasure. I was driving home from work tonight and I heard Fergie's new song, "London Bridge."
Yes I sang along. It makes me laugh. But I have a question. Is London Bridge a euphemism for her Va-jay-jay? If you know the meaning of the song let me know.

Third I got a compliment today. I went out to dinner with a couple of friends from High school, and one of them said, "wow you look nice. You look like you work in a law office." It's a weird but nice compliment. So I guess I look like either:


It could really go either way

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