Sunday, January 25, 2009

Like I needed another reason to become a functional alcoholic

This has not been my best week. Mostly because I feel overwhelmed with my mom; trying to take care of her and still be sane. I have had two mini breakdowns in which I called friends panicky that these years might be the highlight of my life. So far I have two people on guard to monitor my downward spiral into despair (some mothers give pearls, the women in my family should give badges for bitterness). I know one day i will become a full-fledged Bitter-Betty Scout, but right now I hope I am still a junior bitter brownie. Maybe I should make a sash to hold all my badges.

To try and find some hope, I looked at my Chinese Horoscope for 2009. According to the website, the year of the Ox will only be 32% positive for me. I will have 8 (count 'em 8) bad months. It says my work will feel stagnant and trying to find a significant other will be mission impossible. Oh and I should not think about myself so much and take care of my family and friends more. I clicked off the site, took another drink of vodka and went back to watching the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie. Here's hoping January is going to count as a bad month.

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Anonymous said...


You doing ok? with all this stuff?

Call and we can talk or meet for coffee, treats, drinks, whatever.

you're in my heart and prayers,
and i love you alot...