Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Of Mice and Hookers

Okay this is gross. It also reminds me of Ratatouille (damn Disney).

Yesterday I told the agency I work for that I had accepted a post doc position site. This is the memo that went out right after I spoke with the exec director:

It is with great reluctance and sadness that I report Lorelai has accepted an offer of employment from Evil Persons United – formerly known as ----. Lorelai has graciously agreed to stay through August 10th to help orient the new psych interns, organize the testing supplies and otherwise wrap up her work here. I am sure the new interns will be grateful for the “hands-on” as they get to know this agency. (is it just me or does the hands on comment seem inappropriate?)
Lorelai starts her new adventures at the axis of evil on September 1st; little does she know she’s building them a cafeteria. (this is in reference to my interview with the other agency. they explained that one of their benefit's was a cafeteria plan. to which I stupidly said, "Oh you have a cafeteria? Cool I don't have to bring a lunch." I then was told all about the health care plan)
It is a big loss to this agency to lose Lorelai, and for all of us personally as we have all grown quite fond of her. I know that you will join with me (eventually, not today, I’m still mad at her) in wishing her well as she goes to join Gollum in Mordor. They have a cafeteria and we don’t. But I’m not bitter or anything….

So today I faced a lot of cafeteria jokes and references to Lord of the Rings. We are nothing if not professional.

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed a news announcement broke the program I was watching (America's Got Talent- don't judge). apparently an unknown chemical was released in the Motel 6 about one block from my home. They shut down the main road and evacuated the motel. I can only imagine what sort of nasty ass chemical was released at this motel (which always looks cheap hooker scary to me).

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