Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy belated 4th of July! I hope everyone got sunburned, did paperwork, and ate chili cheese fries like me. I realized how scared I am by the sounds of fireworks. I must have been in a firing squad in a past life.

In case you thought for one minute that I was even a little cool, let me dissuade you. I spent 9 hours Saturday attending a Harry Potter marathon (to gear up for the new movie). In between movies we played video games. I had never used the Wii before but I am proud to say that I did not throw the controller through the tv.

Speaking of the boy who lived, I pre-ordered 3 Harry Potter books because the last time a new book came out Borders and Barnes and Noble sold my pre-order. I wish I had a child to take to all the midnight bookstore parties. It's kinda creepy for adults to go without kids.

Last night I called Supermommy. I suck at leaving phone messages and this was no exception. I believe I said, "Hey S, it's Lorelai. Come by and get your book whenever Ponch gets off. (akward pause). Work that is. Not gets off inappropriately (giggle). Oh gosh now I went to a bad place (more laughter). Just call me. Umm... yeah...hi-kids-Lore-loves-you-bye." Thankfully she didn't tease me when she called me back.

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