Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Of Goals and Boobs

Today's post was going to be entirely dedicated to the fact that I am half way to my total weight loss goal. Once again being sick helped me get over the plateau. So yeah for me! And yeah for sickness!

In other news, I read Queen of Spain's post just now, and feel the need to comment (to all 5 of my readers out there). While there will be no boob flashing on my post (since it is anonymous), I can appreciate why others are letting it all hang out. Apparently, Maggie Gyllenhall (I have no idea how to spell that last name) was caught breast feeding in public. Oh the horrors! Cover your eyes!

Really people, we're going to be angry about this? Not genocides that are taking place globally, not Iraq, and certainly not the fact that here in this country people are abused and mistreated on a daily basis. No, we're going to be pissed about breast feeding. (Prepare for the rant...)

It's madness. I don't have children, and since I want to adopt I don't plan on breast feeding, but it is crazy how our society seems to demonize women who do. These are moms who are making the best choice they can for their babies. It's a miracle that not every mom can experience and it should be revered and not shamed. This is Lorelai stepping off her podium now.

If you are bold, let it all hang out at QoS too!

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Wink said...

Girl! I saw that! I can't remember the other celebrity - but there was a whole article about it on one of the blogs I read.

I agree. What's the big deal?