Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jealously, thy name is Halta Lorelai

I am totally feeling green because Supermommy (who just came back from a cruise) is going to the beach with her family for a few days. I want to lay by the pool too dammit. It made me remember all the times when my parents would bundle us in the car right before nap time and take us to a "surprise." The surprise was always the beach but I never guessed it (but I always guessed Chuck E Cheese). So here I am at my desk, while they get to be near the ocean. Being a grown up sucks.

In other news the pirate fair was okay. There weren't many people around so it was a very small fair. I heard a lot of pirate jokes and saw many a womens chests exposed in the name of being a "wench" but alas, I took no pirate lover home. Truth be told the pirate who was also a magician was kind of cute, but that romance was not to be.

And last but not least. I am going to be Halta Lorelai for the third time! Halta means aunt in arabic (which I can never pronounce properly). My bestest friend ever (the one who is coming for my graduation) is pregnant, and I was the first one they told! Dammit I can't keep news like this to myself. So I called people who have no contact with her (such as Supermommy, which is how I found out about the beach trip).
I can't wait to meet my newest neice or nephew. My prediction is that it will be a boy (she has two girls now).


queen of spain said...

oh boy

Ok, I need ya today...call in the troops...come over


Wink said...

Why is everyone preggers!?

I need the beach too.