Sunday, April 08, 2007

Take two naps and call me in the morning

Turns out I had neither pneumonia nor valley fever. I was just tired and stressed. Have I mentioned I am a hypochondriac?

My Easter Sunday was spent watching the Master's Golf game with my dad, who fell asleep but would magically wake up if I reached for the remote control. Then I went to my mothers for dinner, and laughed as she and my grandma would yell at each other from various parts of the house (and they have a very small house).
One conversation went like this:
Mom: were you calling me?
G-ma: what?
Mom: were you calling me?
G-ma: what?
Mom: I said were you calling me?!?
G-ma: No. I was calling you. Your phone rang.
Mom: What? (and then it began again. I am trying to figure out how to tell my mom she needs to be checked for a hearing aid).

My brother decided to come into town with his brood. They stayed at my father's house and decided to have their Easter festivities at 7am. Needless to say I missed the egg hunt. Considering there was only one child participating I don't think I missed much.


Jonathon said...

i can't imagine having to orchestrate an egg hunt for MORE than one. but yeah, unless you're really into watching little kids go "I SEE AN EGG!!!!!" you didn't miss out

Lorelai said...

Growing up there were about 15 kids at my fam's egg hunt, so to have a hunt for only one child seems very odd to me.