Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Perils of Bargain Shopping

I am at times a cheapskate. I hate paying full price for things (except books) and love to find a deal. When I need to, say a day before an event or if I am out of socks, then I will drop the money and not be bothered. I bring this up because my desire to wait for things to go on sale has bitten me in the ass majorly.

I found a dress at Macy's a few weeks ago that would be perfect for this wedding I have to go to and for my upcoming graduation. The fit was nice, I liked the style, it was black. It looked retroish had pockets, and it didn't make me look like I have cankles. Everything was perfect but the price. Could I really spend over $100 on a dress I would in all likelihood wear twice? I thought no. I would go back to Macy's in a few weeks and grab it on sale. The perfect plan except...

Women all over found this dress to be a god-send and bought it. Not only is it sold out in my town's store, but it is sold out nation wide. Did I mention that the designer only sells to Macy's? What the hell am I going to do now? Hopefully I can find something almost as good (that doesn't make me look like I have cankles). Crap on a stick. I hate dress shopping.

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