Monday, March 26, 2007

My wild and crazy weekend

Friday morning I woke up at 3:50am to begin my journey to Seattle. I was heading to WA for a bachelorette party for my best friend in college. I haven't seen her in 4 years (we talk all the time) so I was excited. What I wasn't excited about was waking up at 3:50am to make a 6:30am flight. Another not fun thing is that I live in a small town so getting to Seattle involved 4 hours of traveling (when it really should have been about an hour and a half). I got to my airport in plenty of time and read a fun book til my plane took off. The plane trips were uneventful and I managed to read even more of the book.

I got into Sea-Tac at 10:30 and met my friend's fiancee and her sister. We then went and bought all the alcohol for the weekend and a Playgirl (that was used in a game for the bachelorette.) I was disappointed by the Playgirl (I hadn't seen one since I was 12 and was traumatized at the thought of adult men and their things hanging out). This month edition had 2 pictures of men over 70 and one of a man in a dress (as well as the other typical spreads of men cupping themselves). I also had the pleasure of purchasing it from a older male employee of Barnes and Noble.

Weird WA fact: you can't buy hard alcohol at a grocery store- you have to go to a gov't owned liquor store.

We then picked people up from the airport and from work. I was told that it drizzles in Seattle and Olympia, but no hard rain. I was told a lie. The entire weekend (except for 1am Saturday night) was a downpour. I was not properly attired for a downpour, but luckily my makeup was not badly ruined (which was important to me). My hair on the other hand, ended up looking like Monica's (from Friends) when they went to the Bahama's or Jamaica.

Friday night we went to this pub for drinks and dinner. The waitress was bizarre and when I ordered a drink that was listed on the menu she was confused. And the bartender was confused, and she was giving me a weird smile when she brought it over (note to self- stick with cranberry vodkas). She then watched me eagerly as I took the first drink (I think the bartender watched too, hidden from my view). She then told me it was the first time anyone ordered it (again it was a restaurant special).

After dinner we went barhopping around Olympia. Olympia is a lot like the town I went to college in and at one point I leaned over to my friend and said "You could move this bar and all the people to our town and no one would look out of place." It has this very hippy, naturey feel. And I was totally bombarded by memories of college. Unfortunately I didn't turn 21 until I was a senior so my bar memories are sadly lacking.

I, being the ball of fun I am, fell asleep on the ride home that night (it was about 12am). It might have also been the benedryl i had to take because my friend has a cat and I have allergies to them. My friend has two pets. A pug with "special needs" who has uncontrollable pee and poop, and a cat who will slap your face to get your attention.

The next morning we woke up fairly late and then went to a wine tasting. The wine sucked but the company was full bodied and rich in laughter (we also have great legs-that's it for the sad wine comparisons).

We then made our way to Seattle and thus began the bachelorette party. We played drinking games and laughed at inappropriate gifts. And people compared significant other stories. I was of course quiet during this time. But at least I was drinking my sorrows.

By about 11pm we got ready to go bar hopping again. I realized when we hit the first bar that I am old. I have never been a fan of the meat market bars, but I now really feel out of place in them. I guess that's a good thing at least I'll never be a 40 year old hanging out in the college bars.

The next bar was better, for me anyways. It was a hang out place and we were able to talk and compare wedding horror stories (did I mention I was the only one not married at the party-once again the last single gal I know).

We crawled back into the hotel after 2am and I made my way to my cot (which had straps-what freaky sort of people used these cots?) I woke up the next morning and was not only slightly hung over but late to meet the airport shuttle. Damn and double damn. I ended up barely making it to my plane and then having a layover at my next stop. At one point an older gentleman pulled one of the flight staff aside and said "Sir why is the flight late?" The flight staff said in this snooty french accent, "I have told you 3 times now and I will get back on the intercom and say it again." He then got on the intercom and said "The flight is still delayed. We are having mechanical problems." That is not what you say to people about to board a plane the size of a matchstick box. I was convinced we were going to die the entire flight. Luckily we made it in OK.

So now I am back in my home. Missing my friend and even the colder weather of WA. The wedding is in about 2 months and I have only have 7 words: Catholic wedding, giant rosary, and taco bar.

It should be a lot of fun. I am on the hunt for a date to the wedding. Right now I am trying to convince my best male friends that they really wants to attend this with me. I don't think they're buying it, but I am hoping the desire to help people will sway them.

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