Saturday, January 27, 2007

Note To Self: Listen When People Say, "You Don't Want To Know"...

After the harrassment training being at work was funny. Someone called me dear (she calls everyone in the office dear) and then immediately aplogized as I stood there laughing. At least she didn't call me sweet cheeks or baby doll.

Thursday night I went to dinner at a friends house and learned something I can definitely never say at work. Someone there was descibing a recent trip with his friends, and how a one of the gals (as a word I can't use at work anymore) made it a point to use the words "meat curtain" as often as she could (as well as ass and the f-bomb). I asked him what a meat curtain was, and he looked at me and said "you really don't want to know." He knows me well. Better than I know myself. I lasted all of 1 minute and stated I really needed to know. He told me. And I was wrong, I didn't need to know. Dammit janet now I can't get it out of my head.

Last night I finally had the Arbonne party I should have had 2 months ago. I bought way too much food, and had a blast. People came I don't know very well and I was surprised at how much fun I had. I was also surprised that anyone besides myself bought anything, and that they wanted to have their own parties. So my attendance at Arbonne parties is pretty much set through spring.

Tomorrow I will be tagteam babysitting Supermommy's kids nad I can't wait. She called me this morning to ask if I was free. Then she toold me that her son's new favorite game is "I spy." To make it more challenging on mere adults he picks imaginary things. The last thing she told me before she hung up was, "If he says he sees something green there is a dinosaur in the room." Can't wait.

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