Thursday, October 19, 2006

True Story... And if you like spiders don't read further...

So a few nights ago I was driving home from work. There is a lot of road work happening on my drive home and a big concrete wall to my left. I am driving along minding my own business, probably singing along to "The Fray" when I see something out of the corner of my eye. Oh hell to the NO! It was a spider swinging from it's web about 5 inches from my face! I am extremely arachnophobic. I mean really scared of spiders, even little ones. I contemplated crashing the car, I mean it would mean death to my little eight legged friend, but I may get hurt, so no. Then I decide to chance it. I say a little prayer to the patron saint of car alignment, take my eyes off the road, and attack the spider with a Kleenex. I think maybe all I did was throw Kleenex at the spider until I knocked it off, but either way it was away from my face. I then spent the last 30 minutes of my drive convinced there were spiders all over my head. I must have looked odd driving down the road periodically hitting my own head.

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