Monday, March 09, 2009

"Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about things that matter."Martin Luther King Jr.

My alternate title to this post was going to be, "Shame on You State Legislature!"

If you live in California then you know we have a major budget crisis. The legislatures have decided to help their budget deficit they would de-fund current programs. Programs like the lottery money given to education; First 5 money that goes straight to local counties to support programs for children 0-5; and the newest prop, the Mental Health Service Act, which is a 1% tax on anyone who makes one million or more a year. This program goes for mental health programs, and it is currently what I work under in my local county.

Legislatures and the government have decided to put a large percentage of these funds into the general fund, so they can fund programs they are obligated to in their own budget. Because all these programs were voted in by the people, to change them a special election is needed. Politicians being who they are have made the wording on the different amendments very tricky, and it sounds like you are helping children. Really it is just taking money from programs already in existence, and it may close programs that are desperately needed.

I said all that to say this, VOTE NO ON Props 1A through 1F on May 19th. If we think California is in bad shape now, then de-funding programs is not the answer.

I would also encourage you to write to your legislatures and even your governor and tell them how wrong it is to do this.

But if letter writing is not your style, then at least make sure you vote no in the special election!

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