Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Work Thoughts

Yesterday a client farted in my office. It wasn't subtle either I actually saw his leg lift up right before it happened (I always think of dogs urinating when people do that). He said, "Excuse me" and I probably just looked blank (I was trying not to giggle). Working with kids I have been coughed on, sneezed on, cried on, and had toys thrown around me. But never has an adult farted in my general direction.

Today we had a surprise wedding shower for a coworker. She has actually been married for 10 months but we found out about it 2 weeks ago. I love parties, so I planned it. I sent out emails talking about the SURPRISE PARTY and please keep quiet. As we began to eat lunch it was mentioned that the day after I sent the email someone talked to her about it. I actually felt rage in my heart (for a second anyway). I knew I had to be nice and laugh it off, but I wanted to kick him out in shame. It made me realize I am too intense to plan parties. It really was a fun party. The fun part was I got everything at the dollar store. Sure the decorations were cheesy, but that's the look I was going for.

I have 2.5 weeks of work left. This year has gone by so fast, and I can't believe it's almost over. I completed all my paperwork today to finish internship and it was bittersweet. Tomorrow the new interns come in to talk about transferring clients. There were moments when I never thought I would get to this place, and now I find myself sad to leave. At least until someone farts.

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