Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It Wasn't Rod Stewart After All

My cousin sent me the lyrics to the song my mother is planning on singing at my grandfather's funeral. I was guessing it was going to be "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart. I was wrong (I think she's saving it for the big one- my grandma's funeral). Instead she will be singing a song from the Dixie Chicks. It's a song called "Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)". It is about putting a little boy to bed (at least I think it is about that). I always thought of it as a happy song. I really don't want to associate it with death and bad singing. I feel like I need to send the Chicks an apology.

She is also making a dvd of old pictures to play at the funeral (I think it will run as she sings). She is trying to figure out how to photoshop angels into all the pictures. This creeps me out and reminds me of the Sixth Sense when all the pictures have something woo hoo in them. Oh and she's meeting with a man to have the dvd made by this Friday. And my grandfather is still alive. This is what I get for driving home tonight thinking that things on her end were quiet.

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