Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why my plan to blog was waylaid by a man and his love of a horse...

Last night my intent was to blog, and I even signed in to blogger. But WifeSwap was on and I swear to you one of the wives said, "Dan has a deep and intimate love for his horse." I was hooked. It really did live up to my expectations of fine programming. One wife got yelled at for not washing the horse to Dan's standards (she wasn't close enough with the hose to the horse's behind--not being a horse lover I wonder if that really make a difference?) The cowboy wife yelled at the "house honey" a.k.a. the other dad, for basically being a wimp and not being a "manly man." He cried at that, he showed her all the jewelry his wife buys him, then he said, "I am vacuuming and I don't care what she thinks." For the rule change she bought him manly clothes--a cowboy hat and a shirt with fringe. He still kept his jewelry on.

I don't know why, but this show gets me every week. I love how surprised the families are at the rule change, and how crazy everyone gets thinking their way is the only way. There was only one episode I have never been able to watch, and that involved a family who ate raw, rotting meat. I vurp thinking about it.

Speaking of T.V., my dream last night included the cast of One Tree Hill. Yes, I watch a teen soap opera. But in my defense I watch it with my teenage cousin, and I try to impart my wisdom on her (like don't shoot other kids, don't get pregnant in high school, and don't cheat on math finals). That really doesn't make it better. I think I dreamt of the season finale. Hopefully my brain is not trying to tell me I watch too much T.V. Supermommy's son once included the characters of Caillou in his prayers and she took that as a sign he needed more play dates with real kids.


Wink said...

Ok, I watched too.

My favorite part was when the wimpy guy talked about how it literally made him sick to his stomach to see someone else using his vacuum! Ha! Fantastic!

Lorelai said...

I loved that part too, I just couldn't remember how he said it.