Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Reasons why I am a dork (and proud of it)

*I competed in Academic Decathlon in High School and won 6 awards (including overall best in my grade section). I still have the medals somewhere.

*My first concert ever was Milli Vanilli and I was heart broken when it came out they were fakes ("Blame it on the Rain" still makes me feel nostalgic- and it makes me want to do that sideways foot dance they did so well).

*I used to watch Jeopardy with my friends in college and keep track of how much we won or lost. And I was pissed if I didn't win.

*I have waited in line at midnight to watch/buy Harry Potter products (and no I was not dressed like a wizard- but I did dress up like Professor McGonagall for Halloween one year).

*I am going to see Josh Groban tonight in concert and I am very excited. I am a major fan (though I hesitate to call myself a Grobanite). Many of you might think this is not so dorky---I am going with my father (who is also excited to see Josh Groban).

*To work today I wore a black sweater and black pants ( and pearls) with neon colored socks and white and blue walking shoes. I blamed the shoes on my foot, but I know I would wear this combo any day of the week.

More to come. Must go prepare for the concert...What makes you a dork?


Wink said...

Ha! Hilarious!

I once bought a Backstreet Boys CD but told the clerk it was a joke for a friend. :)

Lorelai said...

I did that once too, but I told everyone it was for my cousin. I recently gave it away at a white elephant exchange (along with Bonnie Tyler, and Laura Branigan). That gift was a bog hit.