Saturday, April 14, 2007


Have I ever mentioned I am a wimp? I hate spiders and pretty much anything creepy-crawly. I am also a big ol' scardy cat when it comes to pretty much any scary/gory movie. I even flinch during action movies. That being said, I am a member of the Libertine's. We are three sometimes four (stupid) people committed to watching uncomfortable movies together. It all began when I innocently asked my friends to go see the Libertine. I thought it was like Dangerous Liaisons. I was wrong. So very wrong. So now when a gross/freaky movie comes out I get a call to go see it. And I do. I guess I think it makes it better if I see it with the group (stupid).

The phone call came tonight to see Grindhouse. I believe the exact message was "Libertines uniting for the double feature." And I went. I basically spent 10 dollars to keep my head turned or my eyes closed for 3 hours. The first movie traumatized me so badly I was in a hypervigilant state for the second movie and even when things were calm I was flinching and looking away, because I was sure any minute heads were be blown away or people would be eaten. We all walked out of that movie a little shell shocked, and it will be a long time before I willingly enter a hospital or a bbq shack.

I am going to go read a very light romance novel now and pray that the images of melting penis' and zombies leave my mind. I think I will be also sleeping with the lights on tonight. And by that I mean every light in my house. Like I said I am a wimp.


Wink said...

Ha! What was the other movie? Grindhouse and ??

Lorelai said...

The movies were Planet Terror (which was the first one) and then Death Proof (which Tarantino directed).