Monday, March 05, 2007

Latent Psychosis

Every once in a while I go to a movie and it reminds me of my own life, and not in a I'm married to the hunky guy and have the perfect kids kind of a way. No, it's usually the dramas or the psychological thrillers that make me think of, oh I don't know, my brother. Take for example the movie, The Number 23. I went with a friend to see this movie this weekend and it totally reminded me of my brother. Sigh. It is a great movie, and it does a fantastic job of showing the decent into psychosis. And it has this neat ending (which I am trying very hard not to spoil for everyone). But the manner in which the main character becomes crazy about the number 23 is how my brother is with the number 7. I really need to stop seeing movies that remind me of my family. I go to the movies to escape for a while, not to have it thrown back in my face. I think the next movie I want to see is Reno 911: Miami, that can't possibly remind me of anyone I know. Right?

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