Thursday, March 01, 2007

Because I Didn't Expect The Spanish Inquisition

So today I had to do a preschool observation. I went when they were outside playing. I walked over to where they had different stations set up. Two little girls approached me (at one time there were like 7 or 8 kids around me though). And apparently they were active members of the Inquisition Reenactment Society. And so began the questioning.

"Why are you here?"
To watch kids playing.
Because that is my job.
"Why do got a purse?"
Because I keep my stuff in it.
"Why do you got a notepad?
To makes notes of kids playing. If you go play I could write something about you.
"Can I read it?"
"Why not?"
Because you're not a grownup.
"Where is your mommy?"
She lives in another town.
"What's her name?"
"Where's your daddy?"
He lives in another town too.
"What's his name?"
Murphy. Why don't you go play so I can write about you.
"Where's your kids?"
I don't have any kids.
"Why not?"
Because I don't yet.
"Are you sure she's not your girl (pointing to the girl with the purple flower pants who was standing by me pointing
out the flowers)."

She is not my daughter. I bet she has a great mommy. Time to go play now.
"Can I look in your purse?"
No. (I realized a second later my purse was open on the ground. I was tying a shoe). Get out of my purse please. Thank you.
"Do you want to see: my doll/hair/purple flower shirt and pants/ rocks/ninja moves/ me doing cartwheels/ princess t-shirt/see how fast I can run/ a branch I picked up off the ground/my purple flower pants (this girl came back twice to show me the wonder that is her clothes)/me pretend I am a horse/ me on the slide/my friends?"
Sure. That was: pretty/neat/cool/wow, good cartwheel/pretty shirt you look like a princess too/you're a fast runner/why don't you put the branch down before someone gets hurt/again your clothes are pretty/nice horse/don't slide down that way please.
"Did you know my daddy doesn't live with me anymore? He spends the night with his new friend."
I didn't know that. Do you want to show me a cart wheel again?
"No I can't I fell, so now all I can do is walk (sad face). Hey kid, you need to walk with me. But all we can is walk because I fell."
Me laughing at ninja kid. Don't worry he later recovered and later showed me his ninja-riding-a-horse moves.
"Did you know I liked Power Rangers?"
I did not know that. I bet they're cool. Have fun on the slide.

I also broke up several fights, tied one shoe, received 3 hugs (all by the same kid) and was told I couldn't enter the painting area because I wasn't wearing red (the teacher was letting the kids with red go first).

I was only there for 45 minutes and yet it felt longer. I think the main inquisitor (she was also the hugger) has a future job as an interrogator.

I also got to do hours of paperwork and saw clients. One of whom is a talker. Needless to say it was a long, kind of funny day.

Lunch was also fun. I went out with a supervisor and found out she likes to read romance novels too. And for the same reason I like to read them (and if you are thinking the sex scenes you would be wrong. Very wrong). She is trying to get them up for Lent. And I thought giving up sweets was hard, butI could never give books up. I told her so too. And we also talked shop (lest you think we were simply slacking off talking about Nora Robers for 2 hours).

So I leave you with something else that made me smile today. A newly wedded couple chose to dance their first dance doing the last dance from Dirty Dancing. I had all my co-workers watching this. And since I have no dance skills I was uber jealous.

I have an all day training tomorrow, and I'd like to believe it won't bore me out of my mind, so that by the end I wish I had a melon baller to carve my own eyes out, but I don't have a lot of hope.

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Wink said...

HA!! Ok seriouly, I was laughing at your post before. But after watching that video my sides hurt!!

My favorite part is where it takes 3 people to do the lift at the end. LOL! Hilarious. :)