Monday, January 29, 2007

Sleeping Single in a Double Bed (at least there are no health code violations)

On Sunday I tag-team babysat Supermommy kids, and thanks be my cousin was there, because we had an incident of the explosive diarrhetic nature (supermommy's kid not me). I took one look at it coming down the pants of her oldest baby, and made a mad grab for the one who was drinking a bottle. Literally taking her from my cousin's hands and thinking to myself, "Sucka now you have free hands." Oh hell to the no! I am not ready to clean up stuff like that. I am not ready to clean anything that may have a whole health code protocol involved. Luckily my cousin is a special-ed teacher, and does not have the weak stomach I do (and she knows the proper protocol). I am so not ready for children. I talked to her today and the whole house has the stomach flu. I am dousing myself with EmergenC as I write this.

Speaking of things I am not ready for. Last night I was having a pity party for one when I realized that all my friends are in relationships. I am happy for them don't get me wrong, but it does have it's moments of pity party. Then this morning the pity party grew a little larger. My father called me and told me that he is dating someone. What the hell! Again happy for him and I really like who he is dating, but now to be the only single one in my friends and family makes it a pity banquet. On the menu tonight, whine and warm jello parfait. Thanks be it's therapy night!

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