Friday, December 22, 2006

The Ghost of Christmas Past

As a child I was sick a lot during the holidays. Christmas, Easter, my birthday, you name it. Horrifically sick at that. I would have to stay in my room and not get to go to my grandparents house and get presents from Santa (my parents would bring them to my room). It sucked big time. Even in undergrad I would get sick every winter after finals. I attribute all this to stress and excitement. Well today was the beginning of my week off work, and as I was doing some last minute shopping I began sneezing. I am not usually a person who sneezes, so I now this is the beginning of my holiday cold. As I wrap the presents I bought today, I will drink from my Airborne and orange juice. Sweet healing nectar. I just hope I feel good enough to finish shopping tomorrow. One more store and I am done shopping. Yeah! Too bad the store I need to go to is in the mall. Dangit.


Wink said...

I felt that tickle in the back of my throat this morning and had the same dread. :(

I hope you feel better!! Pretend it's not happening - works for me.

Lorelai said...

Well I am definitely sick. I spent yesterday downing shots of EmergenC and taking cepacol lozanges. I feel a little better today though. Hope you feel better soon.