Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why I will never be employee of the week...

In case you are wondering, this is probably not the most appropriate thing to do at work during a staff meeting.

Our staff meeting yesterday got off to a late start. And somehow instead of talking about all things professional and smart we began speaking of holiday stuff. This then turned to our favorite holiday movies and someone mentioned Elf. I love this movie and can quote it at the drop of a hat. So I said some of my favorite lines (such as, you sit on a throne of lies or I like to smile, smilings my favorite.)

Then someone mentioned Bad Santa and it was in this moment I lost all sense of decorum. There is a scene in that movie that makes me laugh every time I think about (it when the little person in the movie is asked to move a passed out Santa and he is curious as to how that will be accomplished). So of course I say it, forgetting the huge number of times f-bombs are dropped. Luckily I caught myself and only said fu... instead of the whole word, but everyone got my point. This scene is made even worse by the fact that I am also laughing so hard I am about to start wheezing and crying. This moves into a conversation about movies and gender preferences. As I come down from my laughing, f-bomb filled high I realize just how unprofessional I was in that moment.

Another thing that I probably shouldn't do at work is blog this story instead of writing a report. No gold star for me this week. Unless they are passing them out for most f-bombs dropped in one staff meeting, then I would for sure win.

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