Monday, October 09, 2006

So there was a drunk girl on "The Bachelor in Rome" (and yes I watched most of "The Bachlelor in Rome"- don't you judge me)

So today was not the best day (long story short, my car is in the shop and it was cost about 800 to fix), and I got home and felt blah. Made dinner and still felt blah. Just about to go to bed when I saw a little of "The Bachelor". I am not really a fan, but this made me laugh. This girl got so drunk on the Riviera, and she fell over the camera man and passed out. And then she thought the Bachelor was a waiter and got belligerent. Smile. Thanks ABC... Going to bed now.

Just kidding. So the Bachelor is still on and it went back to being yucky. To quote the Paris Hilton of texas, "So I totally want a rose tonight because he is a Prince, not a commoner, and like he totally needs me." Not a commoner?!? Umm I could be wrong but Texas is not a kingdom and she is not royalty. Damn this show is gross. What's grosser than gross, he gave a rose to the princess of Texas. I think I just vurped.

Deep breath (must remember the drunk girl, oh and she totally ignored the fact that she was drunk and told him it was hot and she just wanted a cat nap.) And then, she got made when she didn't get a rose. "How can you not understand that it was hot and I was tired." Well now I am tired and going to bed.

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