Monday, October 23, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the "Argonne" Party...

So this Friday was supposed to be the Arbonne party. I excitedly invited everyone I knew, and imagined the fun. Not in my imaginations: everyone but 2 people canceling because of a conflicting party (can foot scrubs really compete with beer and karaoke?). And then losing the 2 people to illness. So Friday night turned into being me and my dad having dinner at Bakers Square (I was impressed with the salmon). My father has also taken to calling "Arbonne" "Argonne." The funny thing about my dad is that with a lot of people and products he will be like one letter off. It cracks me up. Before this he spent about three weeks calling Bono from U2 Bono like Sonny Bono. I try to correct him and it doesn't help, so now I go with it.

I also had a great weekend hanging with my cousin and her two young children. After spending all week working with dysfunctional families or families in crisis, it's nice to spend some time seeing parenting done right. She never sees how great she is with her kids, she only sees the tantrums and crying in church. But I can see how quickly she is able to calm a tantrum, or how calmly she can handle a screaming child. She also takes real joy in being with her children. Most people take that for granted, that parents will just love to play with their kids, but that isn't always so. She is a wonderful mommy and I hope to be like her someday.

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