Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Love to eat. Hate to cook.

So tonight what I should have done was stop by the closest restaurant and pick something up.

What I did was go grocery shopping.

And when I got home the ghost of dinners future was warning me to just have a bowl of cereal.

My inner chef even tried to make a good frozen dinner. I said, "no way I am going to cook something I love and have made a thousand times." It was the same damn thing I made yesterday. Tonight it was horrible! The salmon tasted like the inside of a 70 year old smoker's mouth, and the frozen spinach tasted like soap.

I am vurping thinking about it. Then I tried to make a pie, and fucked that up too. I have never seen lumpy jello until tonight, but it tasted alright. Better than the salmon and spinach. It will be a while before I try that combo again. A very long time. I am going to go brush my teeth now. I really hate cooking.

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